Lighting and Shooting Interiors

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Shooting interiors offers its own set of challenges. We show you how we set up our lighting solution for photographing this golf pro shop.

Topics Covered:

  • Choosing the right soft box that the situation requires
  • The advantages of using WhiteDomes

In this set up shot, we see the placement of the first two Photoflex Medium WhiteDomes in this interior shot. The WhiteDome in the foreground was set up with a Photoflex Starlite and a 1000 watt lamp positioned on a Photoflex 2218 LiteStand.

We also installed one of the four included black side panels to the WhiteDome to prevent flair into the camera lens. The second WhiteDome, configured in the same way as the first, was placed in the back corner of the room.

This map shows the placement of the lights in the room.

Here we see the results of the first steps in our lighting solution.

In the lighting map we see the placement of the third Medium WhiteDome, with a Starlite and a 1000 watt lamp, positioned on a Photoflex 2218 LiteStand.

We hid this WhiteDome in a corner of the room, behind a rack of clothing.

Here are the results for the second step of our lighting solution.

In this set up shot, we see the placement of the fourth WhiteDome. For this we used a Small WhiteDome and a Starlite with a 500 watt lamp placed on a 2214 LiteStand and set this light behind a clothing rack.

In this setup, we added two Large Photoflex Starlite kits. The kits‘ large SilverDomes were placed on Photoflex Starlite heads with 1000 watt lamps, then placed on Photoflex 2322 Litestands, all of which are included in the kits. These lights were then placed just outside of the camera frame as shown in the lighting map.

This lighting map shows the layout of our lighting solution.

Here we see the results of the addition of the fourth WhiteDome and the two Large Starlite Kits.

Figure 10

We changed the position of our camera to the other side of the store.

This set up shot shows the new positioning of our lights.

Here we see the results of the final changes we made to our lighting solution. The final image has a very natural feel, balancing very well with the ambient morning light coming through the windows in the background.

Basic Lighting,


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