Photoflex LitePanel Kit Features

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Our Photoflex LitePanel Kit offers unlimited reflective lighting options in one easy to use system.

Topics Covered:

  • Easy to setup Shock-Corded frame
  • Frame Design
  • Kit Components
  • LitePanel Fabrics
  • Carry Bag

Equipment Used:


Our LitePanel Kit features a shock-corded frame so it can be set up in minutes with the slightest amount of effort. The frame breaks down into a convenient bundle that is 39″ long and approximately 8″ in diameter making it easy to store and transport in the included carrying bag.

The LitePanel consists of a square tube frame that prevents twisting. This allows you to maneuver the LitePanel many different ways. One of the advantages of our LitePanels is the crossbar because you can hold on to the crossbar and move around your LitePanel without having to hold it in an awkward way.

The LitePanel Kit includes a 39×72″ aluminum frame, 39″ crossbar, medium weight all-metal construction LiteStand (that extends to over eight feet high), Main and T Clamp, one white/soft gold fabric, and one white/translucent fabric.

Photoflex offers additional LitePanel fabrics in black, silver and gold, each double-sided with white, sold separately. The variety of color fabrics give you different lighting options. The LitePanel offers unique and advanced design to provide maximum reflection and even, top-to-bottom light coverage. The gold and soft gold produce a nice, warm reflection. The silver will fill in with a cooler, blue shade. The translucent fabric can be used as either as a reflector or a diffuser with no color shift from your light source. The black will subtract light from your subject, essentially bouncing in black. All fabrics except for the translucent feature one side with solid white, which can be used as a standard reflector.

Our LitePanel Kit includes a carry bag that can easily fit all of the components of the kit into the main compartment leaving you with a spare pocket on the outside of the bag for extra silks or clamps.

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