Shooting Jewelry on a Budget

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When it comes to photographing jewelry, there are different approaches to consider with regards to how each particular piece will come across.

Your choice of background is one consideration. Another is whether or not to include props within your shots. Still another is establishing a lighting style that is either soft or higher in contrast. This lesson shows how soft boxes can be configured to achieve various contrast levels when shooting jewelry.

Topics Covered:

  • Setting up for high contrast
  • Setting up for average contrast
  • Setting up for soft lighting
  • Filling in shadows with a 12″ reflector

A Medium Starlite Kit was set up on the left side of the shooting table. The front diffusion face and the inner baffle of the SilverDome soft box has been removed.

This shot shows our subject lit with the resulting high contrast light.

We added the inner baffle to soften up the light.

The result is a softer light that is lower in contrast.

We left the inner baffle in the soft box and added the front diffusion panel.

The light output is even softer here.

We placed a 12″ LiteDisc reflector to the right of our subject. This will bounce light from the soft box into the shadow side of our set.

This shows a closer view of our reflector set up.

The shadows are now softer and brighter than before.

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