The Photoflex ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit

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Photoflex is introducing a heavy-duty background support kit that’s beefy enough to hold a 12-foot cored seamless at 12 feet in the air. It’s a perfect match for the new line of Photoflex 10X20 foot muslin BackDrops.

The ProDuty™ BackDrop Support Kit includes 2 Photoflex 2320Y LiteStands (4 section-12 foot max.) and our new 12 feet, 6 inches twist-lock telescopic BackDrop Pole.

This is truly a professional kit that can hold up just about background you need, and will allow you to bring studio quality backdrops anywhere you go.

Topics Covered:

  • Setting up the ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit
  • A closer look an the 2320Y LiteStand
  • A closer look at the BackDrop Pole
  • Features and benefits of the new ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit

The 2320Y LiteStands are heavy-duty, 4-section, 13-foot stands with a very wide foot-print for added stability for use with any 12 foot seamless or with any of our new 10X20 muslin BackDrops.

The 2320Y has a unique “flip-top” head that allows you to mount the brass stud either vertically or horizontally. For the purposes of the BackDrop Support Kit, the stands’ brass studs are set to the vertical position.

All the stand collars are cast in aluminum and feature brass threaded inserts to prevent cross threading. The over-sized knobs are strong and comfortable, and the collar is set in place with a hex bolt. The entire assembly is made of parts that are replaceable, so you can repair rather than replace the stand in the unlikely event that the collar breaks.

The top leg collar is also cast in aluminum and features through-bolted leg attachments for superior strength and easy replacement.

The superior stability of the 2320Y comes from the solid aluminum leg braces through-bolted to the aluminum bottom collar. This allows the stand to perform very well with lots of weight (40 pounds) at full height.

Pole Features

The horizontal BackDrop Pole is a 3-section telescopic pole that is designed with a twist lock feature and extends to 12 feet, 6 inches and has a minimum length of 55½”. This means there is no hex key required for constructing and breaking down of the support pole.

The extension end of the pole features a freely rotating end that makes placing on the stand a snap.

The non-extension end features a fixed connector that, when locked down, makes the entire assembly rock solid.

Setting up the BackDrop Pole

Place the fixed end of the pole on one of the stands. The fixed end of the pole is the end that does not extend or rotate. Secure the pole to the stand with the locking knob.

To set the length of the pole, twist the extension sections counter clockwise until they move freely, then pull the free rotating connector to the second stand.

Gently pullout the free end of the pole until it reaches the second stand, then place and secure the pole.

Now lock the pole into place by twisting the two free extension sections clockwise. The Photoflex ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit is built and ready for adding your BackDrop.

Why go ProDuty

Photoflex also offers its First Studio BackDrop Support Kit that includes LiteStands that extend up to 9 feet high. The First Studio BackDrop Support Kit is a great choice for most of your background needs and includes the same BackDrop Pole. However, when you need the vertical space that 12-foot stands offer, or you want to shoot at low camera angles, the ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit is the kit you need.

The following figures show the advantage of the extra 3 feet in height the ProDuty Kit offers.

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