Christopher Appoldt

Appoldt 13


Chris lives and works in Huntington, New York and specializes in portraiture, editorial, and commercial work for local businesses. It all started for Chris with his dad’s appreciation for Nikon cameras – Chris still has his dad’s 1968 F model. With a background in publishing and on-the-job training in a magazine publisher’s studio, he loves portraits most but too can often be found working with a local animal shelter or rescue. Whether it’s a person or a dog, portraits need careful attention to bring out the subject’s personality. Chris has spent more time than most with animals on sets for magazines and shelters and rescues. But regardless of the number of legs on his subjects the attention to lighting and detail is important, and Chris’ clients appreciate the creativity and science that go into making the images perfect for their needs- whether it’s destined as a commercial, editorial, or marketing image. He often shoots for the classic looks with Rembrandt lighting and coordinated, accenting color palettes. Chris wants to bring out character, and draw an emotional response with the prints headed for magazine and book pages.


“Photoflex was my first choice for light modifiers when I
started building my own studio arsenal almost twenty years ago. I still have
that first Medium Softbox, and use it often. Photoflex Octodomes produce
wonderful light, and with a grid installed I find I can control almost any
on-location lighting situation. Photoflex reflectors in my equipment case, too,
have been with us the entire ride – doing their job as well as on Day