Dave Koch

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Dave Koch has spent his lifetime across the photographic world. From his initial work in Hollywood as a camera assistant in the film world, Dave went on to work in television where his work earned dozens of awards including a Golden Mic and an Emmy nomination. Now working on his own, Dave Koch was recognized as the Best of State nature photographer in Utah in 2017.

“I do not want to recreate the world as we see it,” he says. “My experience is that when we remember a place, time or event, we do not remember the literal, we remember the best from that situation. Recall a favorite sunset- you do not recall the exact moment the sun hit the horizon; rather, your mind combines all the best components of that event into an idealized sunset. My interpretation of a scene is similar; I focus on the best and distill different components into my image. I attempt to represent the beauty in life around us. To witness such beauty is a great thing, and should preserved and shared.”

My personal touch in my images is how I shape the light. I
don’t want to use anything that is a chore to handle- I just want modifiers
that work. I have a lot of diverse things to deal with- talent, make-up,
designing or modifying the set-ups, not to mention the moments of intense
concentration when I make the image. The last thing I need is a new worry with
gear that fails or can’t be relied on. I have had umbrellas that droop, and
clamps that don’t quite clamp, and there is nothing as annoying. My Photoflex
gear is always there for me. You won’t ever see my Photoflex gear in the shots,
but my shots show the results of my Photoflex gear.