Erich Saide

Es 00

Erich Saide is an award-winning photographer whose clients come back to him time and time again for his crisp, highly polished imagery. From soft and sensual to edgy and dramatic, his stylized, cleanly executed photos use incredible lighting to capture a diverse range of moods. After more than 15 years in the business, Erich’s body of work spans an impressive breadth of styles and industries. Highly motivated, energetic and full of passion for his craft, whether it’s in the studio, on location, or by the side of a film set, Erich is happiest when he’s creating powerful and dynamic images.

Based in Vancouver, Canada Erich’s passion for photography led him to embark on a career in Celebrity, music, fashion, and commercial photography, both locally and abroad. Clientsinclude the likes of Lori Loughlin, Steve Nash, Bachelorette Canada, Nickelback, The W-Network, and a diverse range of Publications.

“I have been an avid Photoflex user for most of my career and can honestly say that they are one of my favorite go-to products. Depending on if I’m in-studio, traveling or on-location, almost every one of my images is created using a Photoflex product of some sort. From natural light to studio, they are build to last.”