George Wilson

Collnda06 Collins Landings Eastham Sunrise

Florida based photographer, George Wilson, grew up in a family where
art was commonplace through multiple generations. As a self-taught
photographer, the camera became George’s medium of choice during his
high school years and went with him as he traveled through Europe as an
exchange student. These images produced his first major photography
award from The Boston Globe Newspaper Company.

His professional career began in newspaper work and he has been
published in both national and international publications. Later work
began to evolve into a drive for conservation of our wild spaces. Taking
inspiration from several great outdoor photographers, George is in the
process of creating a body of work dedicated to the wilderness areas of
Central Florida needing protection in hopes that through the medium of
photography we all will be inspired to protect and preserve our natural

In 2017, George was considered for the Pulitzer Award in the Breaking News Photography category for his images taken during the tragic PULSE Nightclub shootings in Orlando. The images are now held in the permanent collection of the Orange County History Center and formed a major part of the PULSE Exhibit for the One Year Memorial Observations.

“Why do I use Photoflex? My business practice has always been to
never throw away good money at a low quality product. If I buy the best I
can, I will only have to buy it once.”

Lessons from George Wilson