Kristen Phillips

Kristen Phillips 10

Kristen is a photographer and a healer. Both trades compliment her unique style and personality. She likes to call Maine home even tho she’s lived all over the world.

Her goal is to enlist all senses when you see an image. To make your taste buds sizzle when you look at a food photo. Feel a sense of wanderlust when you follow the adventures she goes on. Feel the character and love of each human and fur friend. Hear the laughter from a family shoot. Above all to draw you in to the unique experience of her creation.

“ The Photoflex gear has been reliable and versatile. Its the first piece of gear I start to put together for any of my shoots. I love the OctoDome for feathering the light for that natural feel. I appreciate learning from other light leaders for tweaking and learning techniques to grow from. I feel they are about helping each artist grow and support us to be more creative and encourage a community base”