Manny Cabo

Cabo 3

Manny Cabo Photography is a passionate and creatively tenured artist that thrives on executing visual expressions of beauty, passion and artistic fervor spawned from the mind of owner Manuel Cabo and his reservoir of experiences in Music, Fashion and TV over the past 17 years. His portfolio is a true testament to his reverence of fashion and pursuit of distinction, uniqueness and above all passion for his artistic undertakings.

His body of work features some of the industries top brands, publications and charities including: Sennheiser, Tamrac, Dynalite, Rotolight, Maxim, Kenneth Cole, Inked, Musicians on Call and kids for Cancer. His talents have stretched way beyond the viewfinder and onto the stage as a signed and heavily endorsed vocalist who has had well over 5 million views for his appearance of NBC’s “The Voice” where he was awarded the heralded “4 Chair Turn,” and had his photography showcased on a special segment with Carson Daly. His crossover capabilities have undoubtedly afforded him the capability of bridging the gap and unifying the connection and collaborative process between photographer and fellow artists in all sectors.

Lessons from Manny Cabo