Matt Beard

Cairque 010

Matt has been a professional photographer for the better part of 20 years. With a list of clients a mile long ranging from iTunes/Apple, Nike, Clinique, Lucky Jeans and Levis to Cirque du Soleil, Victoria’s Secret Shoes, and Sony, Matt has become one of the world’s most iconic photographers. Photographer, videographer, or whateverographer, Matt has a truly exceptional gift of capturing the essence of a person in his expertly conceived portraits. His lighting, positioning, and posing are truly top quality.

Combining his knowledge of marketing and advertising that he obtained at Loyola Marymont University and Santa Monica College with his skill behind the lens, Matt is able to create images that do more than just tell a story about the person. His photos also tell a story about the brand he is representing, creating a story within a story. It is a rare and extremely marketable ability to be able to combine artistic genius with marketing savvy, and Matt is one of the few and the proud who has mastered this combination with unbelievable success. Matt lives with his wife and two sons in Los Angeles, California and is currently working locally, nationally, and internationally.

“Photoflex is my “Go-To” gear for portability, reliability and durability. When shooting on location, I know I can rely on my Photoflex equipment to always pull me through, even in the most challenging of locations. I can set it up and break it down quickly, and know it’s going to work every time. Portable, Reliable and Durable = #MakesMyLifeEasier Thanks Photoflex!”