Patrick Patton

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Patrick Patton has always enjoyed the challenge of creating and capturing beauty, whether it be through music, drawings, storytelling, or his favorite medium of all: photography. Patrick fell in love with photography as a child, peeking around corners to snap candids of family members with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle camera. He never dreamed he would be so blessed as to call photography his profession.

Along the way, he’s discovered that photography is both a skill and an art. One can be technically sound, own the best equipment, and have an exemplary understanding of light, but when the subject is in front of the camera, there is no formula to creating a beautiful image. That is the moment when the skilled professional takes the backseat to the artist. Patrick takes pride in the knowledge, skill, and experience he has to offer his clients; but his true passion lies in the art of it all.

“I have worked with Photoflex large and medium soft boxes as well as grid strip boxes for over a year now, both in studio and traveling on location, and I have found their durability to be a really key factor in why I love the Photoflex brand. On top of that, they look cool, perform without a hitch, and there’s a large variety of sizes and options to choose from! If you are just figuring out who you are as a photographer, or if you are an established pro, they’ve got the right gear for you, and that’s what I love about Photoflex.”