Shelley Paulson

Shelley Paulson 6

Shelley Paulson is a Minnesota-based equestrian photographer and
filmmaker. She has combined her deep love of horses with her passion for
creating beautiful, heartfelt images and films, to create a thriving

Shelley is considered one of the country’s best equestrian portrait
artists, creating meaningful photographs that capture the emotional bond
between people and their horses. Her equestrian work has been published
worldwide and can be seen in various magazines, product packaging, and
marketing collateral for major equine brands. She is now moving into
DSLR filmmaking, with a focus on telling equestrian stories with
compelling narrative and beautiful moving imagery.

Shelley has traveled extensively both for photography assignments and
teaching/mentoring, but her favorite place is at home with her husband,
two schnauzers, and her beloved quarter horse, Maggie Sue.