Tim Snow

Ts12 0225 Nuit Blanche 7

Tim Snow is a Montreal based photojournalist and photography educator.
Not one to be worked into a corner, he enjoys shooting a wide spectrum
of assignments for editorial and commercial clients, as well as private
commissions. “Being a photographer allows me to meet many interesting
people and help tell their stories. It fuels a natural curiosity to talk
to complete strangers that I feel most people have.” It is no surprise
then that people are the dominate subject matter of Tim’s work. From the
street corner buskers to a world renowned musicians on stage in front
of 25,000 people; from kids playing ball in the park to professional
athletes and everyone in between, Tim treats those he photographs with
equal respect and compassion.

Preferring to get to know his subjects before he photographs them, Tim
takes the time to speak with them, put them at ease and learn something
from them. Knowing his camera and lighting systems intimately, he works
quickly and unobtrusively. “I am extremely lucky to do this for a
living! Photography is my passion and I love to share this passion with
as many people as I am able to.”

“When I think Photoflex I think versatility, affordability and
portability. My most used modifiers are my OctoDome NXT or my medium
(5-foot) OctoDome and depending on the assignment I can quickly switch
between studio strobe or hot shoe flash with a few accessories. This
allows me to work quickly in the field using a single hot shoe flash
within the NXT (I’ve even had 3 inside the 5-footer) and not worry about
wires, or slow down and set up the “real” lights whenever I need a more
powerful pop. The mods all break down quickly and pack away nicely. All
of this from a company with top notch customer service and very
competitively priced gear.”