Ames Kanemoto

Project Description

Ames Kanemoto is a creative director based in Napa, California. He founded a marketing and design firm in 1986 while in college at Berkeley, cutting his teeth on diverse advertising and branding accounts. He added photography to his credits after a veteran commercial photographer saw his work and recommended he shoot professionally. Since then, Ames’ photographic works have included architecture, food, consumer goods, technology, fashion, and portraits. His commercial photography has appeared across print advertising, collateral, publications and packaging. His product photography has appeared for online retailers such as Gilt and One Kings Lane.

Ames’ fine art photography includes an eight-year series on Sonoma. In 2014, his work was selected by jury at the David Brower Center in Berkeley for the exhibition, “Reimagining Progress: Production, Consumption and Alternative Economies”. Other juried exhibitions include the Santa Rosa Visitor’s Center and Jack London State Historic Park.

Striving to realize an inherent energy among subjects, Ames’ photography challenges how he will convey that quality through the lens. Technique, timing and experience contribute to that process while working collaboratively or being inspired by other creatives adds dimension. “We are often caught in the idea of progress,” he says, “But the study for self-improvement can also lead toward creativity and mutual enjoyment in their own right.”

“I have used Photoflex products for 25 years, with many of those original items still in use. The materials are high quality with special attention to durability and portability. Other products may look similar, but none have given me as much enjoyment to use time after time.”

Project Detail

Skill Needed: Development
Category: Advertising
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