OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small Kit

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The OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small Kit is a very powerful tool for achieving a distinctive look when used alone or with other lighting products. The small size and deep profile (approx. 18 inches across and 9 inches deep) makes it perform like a traditional parabolic reflector. 

With its removable face and baffle, this kit can be used to achieve three distinct lighting styles for key and hair lighting applications: Specular (remove baffle and face), Softened (use baffle only), Diffused output (use both baffle and face).

The OctoDome® nxt is built with our heat resistant fabric and can be adapted, with optional speed ring, for use with our StarLite® tungsten fixture with lamps up to 500 watts.

The OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small Kit includes:

  • OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small
  • Basic metal OctoConnector
  • Adjustable shoemount hardware
  • Heavy-duty aluminum swivel

Note: Flash/speed lights not included


OctoDome® nxt: Extra Small 10 years

Hardware 5 years

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

Extra Small, Small


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