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RapiDome – Collapsible Softbox for Speedlights

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Speedlight Modifier– The RapiDome light modifier has a Quick-collapse frame that sets up in seconds giving you the professional results that you are looking for.

Beauty Dish-Style Lighting–  The included deflector plate minimizes hot spots and creates stunning and dramatic beauty dish style lighting.

Speedlight Bracket-  The RapiDome’s tilting speedlight bracket has customizable height and depth adjustments.  By mounting your speedlight to the outer cold shoe of the softbox, you can rapidly get to controls and keep the pathway to your IR (or infrared remote) clear of obstructions.

Diffusion Fabric and Soft Egg Crate Grid- The soft egg crate grid keeps the softness of the softbox but pushes the light in one direction to create dramatic looking photos.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in


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