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OctoDome® nxt: extra small

Works with almost any light up to 500 watts. This modifier has a narrow profile, great output, and can be used almost anywhere. Great for key lighting applications.

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OctoDome®: small

Designed to be the perfect key light, the small OctoDome bathes facial features in bright, soft light and works well in tandem with the HalfDome or LiteDome.

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OctoDome®: medium

Narrow profile and broad face offers exceptionally bright, soft light that works especially well as a key or main light. Excellent as a fill for three-quarter to full length portraiture. Includes removable gold/silver reversible inserts for many creative options.

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OctoDome®: large

The original big, soft light, the 7 foot OctoDome has an extremely narrow profile and broad face to offer exceptional quality of light for full body and fashion portraits.

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