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CineDome®: medium


The CineDome® This clever SoftBox modifier is perfect for spreading and softening Fresnel spotlights. CineDome® avoids lost time on the set due to light ‘change-outs’ by enabling Grips to convert a hard spot to a broad light in seconds.

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The CineDome®: medium has a narrower, deeper profile designed to maximize the control of your Fresnel lights.

The face of the CineDome®: medium is 24" x 32".

The diffusion face and interior baffle are each easily removed, allowing you to go from soft, diffused lighting to high-contrast without changing your setup.

The CineDome®: medium soft box works with our medium Grids (available separately), giving you great control over light direction. Optional 1/4 and 1/2 diffusion faces also available.

The CineDome® is available in 3 sizes. Connector is required to fit your light. Connector is sold separately.

Warranty 6 years

Features and Benefits


6 years

  • Removable Face and Baffle - allows you to adjust the natural, soft light to create just the right diffusion and contrast
  • High-heat resistant Brimstone™ fabric will withstand up to 1000 watts without burning
  • Silver interior walls
  • QRC (Quick Release Corners) - creates stronger corners and makes it easier to break down
  • Suspension loops - suspends the light without Boom/Boom Stand
  • Rear flaps with Velcro® help keep the box cooler
  • Three Sizes - so you can choose the right sized soft box for the job
  • Folds down into carry bag which transports easily
  • Deep profile - designed to accommodate Fresnel lights


Product Information



24x32x27” / 61x81x70cm


3 lbs / 1.36 kg

Maximum Wattages:

2,000 watts

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