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QuikDisc®: 12 inch white balancing tool

SKU: DL-1712QD

Collapsible white balancing tool with reversible 18% gray and white surfaces for both video and still photography needs.

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Photographic Accessories

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The QuikDisc is perfect for on the go, quick custom white balancing indoors or outdoors. Users can take advantage of its compact size by clipping it onto a camera bag or tool belt for easy accessibility. The pocket-sized QuikDisc design follows in the footsteps of Photoflex’s LiteDisc product line, employing double-laminated fabrics, double-riveted frame. The QuikDisc is guaranteed to lay flat. The QuikDisc folds to 1/3 of its size and fits into its own carry bag.

Warranty 5 Years

Features and Benefits


5 years

  • Features a 12-inch (30-centimeter) disc design with an 18% neutral gray fabric.
  • The disc features a logo target in the middle for camera focusing.
  • The gray disc is ideal for white balancing digital cameras. To appeal to the video market, this product comes in a reversible carry bag with a white interior that can be used for white balancing a professional video camera. The carry bag is 5-inches in diameter and has a logo target in the middle.


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SKU: DL-1712QD

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