StarLite QL Kits

StarLite® OctoDome® nxt: Small Kit [FV-SLSODKTB] 870451
The StarLite® OctoDome® nxt kit is an all-inclusive lighting station with a travel bag. Videographers will find this kit ideal for interviews, events and wedding work.

StarLite®: Small Digital Kit [FV-SL1622KIT] 870394

The StarLite® small digital kit is a professional quality constant lighting kit for small subjects or tight spaces. Great for shooting tabletop products like personal electronics, small appliances, and arts and crafts items. Also excellent for small, portable video
shoots or as a component of a larger lighting setup.

StarLite®: Single Medium Digital Kit [FV-SL2432KIT] 870397
The StarLite® single medium digital kit is a complete solution for shooting video or still images of events, products, interviews, portraits and many other subjects.