FirstStudio® Portrait Kits

  • FirstStudio® Portrait Kit [DP-FSPTKT] 870283  The FirstStudio® family includes the Portrait Kit, which features a two-light setup for creating traditional portrait lighting. The FirstStudio® Portrait Kit features the FirstStar® light head and 250 Watt halogen lamp, along with our 45 in. adjustable silver-lined umbrellas and two Compact LiteStands for professional results.
  • FirstStudio® Product Kit [DP-FSPDKT] 870280 This is an ideal kit for shooting products, collectables and jewelry for websites, online auctions and catalogs. The lamps and LiteIgloo® shooting enclosure set up in minutes and yield professional quality results. Includes a pair of 250 Watt constant tungsten lamps in our FirstStar® light heads with polished reflectors, two Compact LiteStands and the LiteIgloo® shooting enclosure.
  • FirstStudio® LitePanel Kit [LP-FS3939KIT] 870562 The LitePanel Kit is an effective and economical refl ector lighting solution that is simple to use and easy to transport. It’s an excellent lighting control accessory for portraits, editorials and video production. Included: 39 x 39 in. PVC LitePanel Frame, Reversible White/Soft Gold LitePanel Fabric,Translucent LitePanel Fabric, 39 in. Crossbar, Small LiteStand®, LitePanel Frame Hardware, LitePanel Carry Bag.