FirstStudio® Folding LiteIgloo®

Medium [DP-MC1975] 870295 Large [DP-LC3150] 870289 A tabletop shooting enclosure, the LiteIgloo® achieves a soft, even, nearly shadowless lighting effect for your products. The LiteIgloo® provides a wide range of camera-positioning options and super-soft results unlike other shooting enclosures that limit creativity. With the LiteIgloo® it is easy to create a smooth white background for your product shots. Included is a white sweep for a seamless background, as well as a blue sweep for Chromakey knockouts. The LiteIgloo® folds compactly for easy transport and storage.


Medium [ST-MD] 871048 The only shoot-through tent of its kind The LiteRoom® is a tabletop shooting enclosure. The bottomless design of the LiteRoom® allows the photographer to easily pick up the LiteRoom® to make adjustments to the set. This design also allows for infi nite BackDrop possibilities, including clear glass and Plexiglas® for special effects. There are Velcro® tabs inside to facilitate hanging your own backgrounds. Double-zippered front allows for product switch-out without moving any lights. An opening at the top allows overhead shots. Place the LiteRoom® on a table or hang