LiteReach® Plus

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When there is no time to hassle with a LiteStand or you need your reflector or light where no LiteStand can go; grab your LiteReach® Plus. The extra-long LiteReach® Plus allows your assistant to place your softbox, umbrella or LitePanel wherever you need it. It’s designed with balance ball technology so it can be braced on the ground taking pressure off the back. The same balance ball provides a comfortable resting place against the waist for quick positioning on the go

This is an extremely high-quality boom arm.  Its hard to tell the scale from most pictures but here’s a nice low-res snip from the video below that shows how beefy it is.  Notice the size of the all-metal tubes in his hands, and the huge rubber balance ball.  What can I say.  Pro Gear, made in USA!Warranty: 5 years

Warranty: 5 years

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